Social work intervention for children with physical disability

Social workers have a crucial role to play while intervening with children with physical disability.  Introduction Physical disability is a common condition among children, and it can greatly impact their daily lives and overall development. It is important for social workers to be knowledgeable and skilled in providing effective interventions for children with physical disabilities. … Read more

Social control and agencies of social control

Social control refers to the various means by which a society or social group maintains order, regulates behavior, and keeps individuals in line with the norms, values, and expectations of the group. This can be achieved through a variety of methods and agencies, including both formal and informal means of control. The concept of social … Read more

Skills for Social work with multicultural group

Group work practitioners often work with people with group members with diverse backgrounds. These diversities may be in terms of different race, ethnicity, culture, religious views, nationality etc. The role of the group worker can become quite challenging  in leading groups in which there are such differences among members as well as members and the … Read more

Maslow need heirarchy

Maslow need heirachy theory has 5major categorisation. An individual first try to fulfil the lower order needs and then move towards the higher order needs. Physiological needs being at the lowest and self Actualization at the highest in the heirarchy.

Methods of Social Work

Social work methods are broadly classified as primary methods and secondary methods. Primary methods are casework, group work and community organisation. Secondary methods are social welfare administration, social work research and social action.

MEAL- An essential for development programs

The acronym MEAL stands for Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning. The term finds its roots from the evaluation activities taken up by welfare agencies. With the increase in funding of the welfare organisation¬† more resources are at their disposal to carry out advanced and technical monitoring and evaluation activities. Hence this has now become an … Read more